Wedding photographer Ben Jamieson in Nassau, Bahamas

Wedding Photography at Atlantis and Paradise Island

Paradise Island, connected by bridge to Nassau and New Providence, is famous the world over for two things - celebrity million dollar homes, and the Atlantis Resort.

While these two things certainly help put the place on the map, they aren't the only attractions for a bride or photographer. The exclusive One&Only Ocean club is not only featured in several James Bond movies, but also a popular choice for beautiful weddings. Its classic elegance and luxurious grounds hark back to days when only the elite could travel to the place known as The Bahamas.

The grounds are also home to The Cloisters, an amazing structure that was once a 14th century french monastery, relocated stone by stone its current location in the 1960's by Huntington Hartford. This unique and romantic piece of history is a very popular wedding location, and makes for some truly stunning wedding photographs.

A mile or so up the beach from the looming, yet architecturally amazing Atlantis resort, lies a more modest option for brides and grooms - Sunrise Beach Club. I've shot a few weddings at this tiny, yet friendly resort, and in some ways prefer its intimacy and warmth to the sometimes overpowering Atlantis.

Ben Jamieson is a preferred photographer of both the Atlantis and One&Only Ocean Club.

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Above are a few images from my portfolio captured at Atlantis and the One&Only Ocean Club.